Tours de Cles

Hermes silk twilly, 32'' x 2''
Designed by Cyrille Diatkine

Ref. : H062550S 13




The idea to start with was to take a new look at “Les Clés” and do a remix of the original classical elegant design, a clever composition of all sorts of finely-worked keys, symbols of jealously guarded treasures. When he came to study the carré, the designer found himself up against its enigmatic universe and hesitated to handle its beautifully precise mechanics. He felt a bit like a safebreaker faced with the impossible task of finding the right combination to unlock its secrets. So he turned it one way, then the other, listening carefully for the clicks of approval as the mechanisms moved and fell into place until finally the design surrendered its secret all by itself. By offsetting the circles, he invented a new secret combination; by multiplying the complexities, he invented a complication lock, somewhat in the way of a watch. The “TOURS DE CLÉS” carré was born! The alignment of typically Hermès square pyramid studs (the same as on its jewellery, dog collars, belts, pieces of luggage, etc.) along the border heighten the impression of an impregnable safe. Dessin de Cyrille Diatkine


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