Les Voitures Nouvelles

Hermes silk twilly, 32'' x 2''

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Designed by Jacques Eudel

Ref. : H061342S 10


Colors (2)

Colors (2)



The horse and carriage were allies for a long time. Each depended on the other and when they were not working, the former could rest in the stable, the latter in the carriage house and each was afforded the care it needed. Divested of its covers and delivered from the harness which had little changed over the centuries, the horse withdrew from the stage. As for the carriages, they reveal all their old-world charm in a delicate composition. The result of outstanding craftsmanship for which France was one of the most famous, the bodywork of horse-drawn carriages followed the trends of the times and, like architecture and furniture, was evidence of the degree of elegance and fortune. Open carriages always had a bellows top behind and a raised perch in front. The coupe, as its name implies, is a smaller vehicle, usually for just two people. The Berlin was a closed carriage used in towns or on the open road and took its name from the city of Berlin where they were very fashionable. The phaeton was an open carriage standing high on its springs; it was always driven by it owner and was named after the son of Helios the sun, who once drove his father’s chariot. Design by Jacques Eudel


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