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Frequently Asked Questions

About the house of Hermès


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How can I get financial information?

For all questions pertaining to our financial information, please visit finance.hermes.com.

How can I know more about the House of Hermès?

If you would like to learn more about the World of Hermès, please visit our corporate website "Les Ailes d’Hermès".
If you would like financial or economic information, please visit our dedicated website, finance.hermes.com.

How do I find a store?

You will find a list of our boutiques at Hermes.com under the "Boutiques" section, as well as at stores.hermes.com.

How can I know Hermès sponsoring actions?

For all questions regarding requests for philanthropic, partnership or sponsoring opportunities, or if you wish to get in contact with the Hermès Foundation, please visit fondationdentreprisehermes.org - "contact" section.

What is Hermès’ sustainable development policy?

When it comes to sustainable development, Hermès’ mission is to strengthen our corporate project around the authenticity of each product and the application of our house’s ethics to all aspects of our business.
By authenticity, we especially mean respecting natural raw materials and developing artisanal skills, essentially in France. Formalised in a charter, our corporate ethics enhance Hermès’ relationships with its staff, suppliers, customers and shareholders.
Hermès is an attentive, concerned and committed company which conducts its business in a way that respects its ecological, social, economic and cultural environment.
Our engagements and initiatives are detailed in our annual report, available at finance.hermes.com

What is Hermès doing to combat counterfeiting?

The Hermès Group is very active in the fight against counterfeiting.
A team of legal experts is responsible for protecting the Group's creations and defending them against any violations.
This team carries out many actions, which include both preventative measures (training and lobbying) and coercive measures (administrative, civil and criminal proceedings).
These actions are implemented worldwide with special attention given to the Internet, which currently represents the primary vehicle for the sale of counterfeit products.
You can help us in this fight by bringing any questionable websites to our attention: go to the "Contact us" section, then select "Other" from the right-hand menu.

I would like to work for Hermès, how do I apply for a position?

You can find more about employment opportunities at Hermès by visiting hermesemployeur.com.